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Jobs at Melaleuca Refugee Centre

Melaleuca Refugee Centre is currently adverting some great jobs working with people of refugee background… a fascinating field of work in possibly the most beautiful workplace in Darwin city.

Closing Monday 21st October

This includes a position in the project called the Peace Leadership Program – a really innovative use of the AVP Alternatives To Violence Project workshops, liaising with the fantastic AVP network in Darwin, across Australia and internationally, plus some scope to do community development/sessions as well on better ways to resolve conflict especially within the family.

There is also a position with our excellent Housing Team…
The Tenancy Support Worker builds the capacity of each new arrival to fit into a new home in Darwin, deliver some innovative education sessions
and assist our clients achieve that fundamental right of secure housing after a long journey from their insecure homes of origin.
A lot of collaborative work with team mates goes into this position.

The closing date for the Volunteer Coordinator and the Community Liaison/Communications Coordinator positions has been extended to Monday 14th October.

Both suit people who want a job that really focuses on building relationships with people… lots of interpersonal and communication skills involved.
The Volunteer program is an award winning program we are quite proud of, and the Community Liaison job is deeply immersed in newly arrived communities and partnering with our colleagues in other services.

If you are interested and would like more information please contact Justice Mickle or check out the website:


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